Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

According to experts, it has been said women need to sleep at least 20 minutes more than men. The reason behind this is that on a general level, women perform different tasks during the day; therefore their need for sleep is more than men. So, the reason why women need more sleep then men is that the brain needs to relax, depending on how much it is used. Though it has been stated every now and then that women need more sleep, but recent research has shown that they are not getting the required sleep. A good night’s sleep guarantees a women’s wellbeing.

Women need to sleep at least 20 minutes more than men
Women need to sleep at least 20 minutes more than men

By now it has been made clear that males and females have their own physical needs, and sleep is definitely one differentiating factor. No one wants to undergo immense stress and mood swings; unfortunately, women do tend to suffer from it more than men, due to the lack of proper sleep. Therefore in order to free oneself from this condition, women need to realize their body requirements, and in this case their sleep requirements. It will help you solve the problem in a controlled manner. This article will help you understand some of the reasons behind this research and how it may affect your health and life.

1.     Busy schedules

One of the major reasons for women being unable to get proper sleep is the multiple tasks they have to perform during a day. Multitasking leads to them using their brain more than other people, and this further leads to your brain demanding more time to rest. Therefore, you can sleep without pillow and that will be the best option for you.

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that in some cases men also tend to suffer from lack of sleep, because of their complex jobs but the ratio is not that high. There are certain things which are expected from women from the very beginning, which include giving birth to their babies, feeding them, looking after them in the most responsible manner, school their children, run the entire household and besides that women have their careers and jobs to look after. This explains how much they have to keep their brain running.

2.      Women go through more hormonal changes than men

Another reason behind the need of women for more sleep is the hormonal difference between men and women, and the change they undergo during the different phases of their lives, from birth to giving birth, etc. It is seen that hormones are held accountable for a lot of things which go wrong in a girl’s life, be it their weight issues or the never-ending mood swings during menstruation.

Women go through more hormonal changes than men
Women go through more hormonal changes than men

Well to some extent it is true, as science has also shown that hormones are the reason behind women undergoing the lack of sleep. At the time of menstruation, women experience obvious hormonal changes, and the specific hormone causing the trouble, in this case, is the sex hormone which is known as progesterone. What happens is that this hormone increases during the last two weeks of girl’s monthly cycle. The increase in this hormone tends to cause a rise in the need for energy. The more you sleep, the more you are able to restore this energy increase.

Not being able to get enough sleep leaves major impacts not only on your health but your life on a whole as well, the things which are affected the most due to lack of sleep are your hormones and brain. The adrenal function is disturbed, there is low serotonin production, and furthermore, it makes the PMS symptoms worse.

3.     Not getting enough rest

As stated above as well that a daily routine of women is quite tough due to the situation of multi-tasking. Therefore, the demand for rest also increases, but unfortunately, the problem is still there as women don’t get enough rest as demanded by their body and brain.

If you are a mother, then you must be aware of the fact that raising children is not a piece of cake; your resting times depend on their schedules throughout the day. It is when they are sleeping, that you are able to give time to the other household chores, which are already lined up for you. The cooking, cleaning, washing clothes tend to take forever, but you know that you have to be fast and get it done before they wake up. It is normal for women to get irritable very easily; lack of sleep is enough to irritate a person.

Make sure you take care of your mental health too. That is also very important to get complete rest. Try simple ways to improve your mental health.

4.      Lack of sleep leads to weight gain

It is by now a known fact that it is relatively easier for men to lose weight as compared to women. Sleep deprivation is a condition which is quite normal to be faced by overweight women. Therefore there is an obvious link between a woman being overweight and suffering from insomnia at the same time. During sleep deprivation, the hormone of stress which is called cortisol tends to increase in a great quantity. The increase in cortisol causes a rise in the appetite, and you start gaining weight.

Lack of sleep leads to weight gain
Lack of sleep leads to weight gain

5.      Women are wired differently

The brains of both women and men work differently from one another. Women tend to get emotional quite easily because the connection in their brains causes them to think that way. Their thinking patterns are also analytical as compared to men. The multitasking increases the activity in your brain, and this level of increase takes time to go back to normal. Even when women lay down on their bed to fall asleep, their brain keeps on working due to the increased activity, and as a result, they find it really hard to fall asleep. Resting and sleeping play a major role in helping solve this problem.


It is much needed that women understand the effects which lack of sleep has on their life and most importantly on their health. This problem is not just confined to a specific country; in fact, it is being experienced by women all over the world. Their sleep patterns are disturbed in the most negative way. It further leads to them being unable to focus on and give time to other important things in their life. Getting proper sleep is not just important for women but every human being. Men also suffer from sleep deprivation, and there are a lot of ways out there to tackle this issue. Proper sleep helps a person to improve the standard of their life. You start to feel much happier than before and are able to focus on your health.

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