A Guide to How to Sleep without Dreaming

After a long and busy day, who doesn’t want to have a good night’s sleep? Every person plans to sleep tight, with them waking up in the morning fresh and ready to start a new day. No one wants to be horrified and disturbed by having bad dreams and want to sleep without dreaming, causing them to wake up during the night, every now and then. Not being able to control them is where people feel helpless.

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According to a research carried out it was stated that everyone, be it an adult, a child or an old person has dreams. There are the ones who feel that they do not have dreams, but that is not true. There is a connection between good and bad dreams. Other than that it has been proved over the time that dreams are good for a person’s health. Having a nice dream at night ensures a person’s stable psychological state, depression free mind, and spiritual calmness.

Bad dreams

Bad dreams
Bad dreams

A bad dream refers to the one which causes a person to wake up in the middle of the night, facing sensations such as fear, terror, and restlessness, in some cases anxiety as well. People tend to remember them even when they have woken up. It is usual for bad dreams to take place in deep sleep.

There is not much information available as to why bad dreams occur, but it is generally believed by experts that the daytime routine of a person, tends to play a major role in this situation. Another research showed that kids between the ages of 3 to 6 years old suffer from having bad dreams with a percentage of 10 to 50. While 80% of children between the age group of 7 to 9 years face bad dreams.

How to stop bad dreams

1.      Talk to your doctor

People who are used to of taking anti-depression medicines have talked about the advantages it has had on their lives, but they are also the ones who have complained about having bad dreams at night, and that too quite severe ones. Try simple ways to improve your mental health to make the situation better. Other than that people who have been taking B6 and B12 have also made similar complaints. It is better to consult your doctor so that they can have a deeper look into the situation and advise you accordingly.

Talk to doctor
Talk to doctor

2.      Write about something good

Journal writing is a very good habit and can come in handy while dealing with the problem of bad dreams. Although if you are a person who writes all their negative thoughts in their diaries, then it can have an effect on your dreams at night, as it may cause you to have bad dreams. Therefore it is advised to try and fill up your journal with pleasant experiences, some positive quotes, due to which this problem can be controlled to quite an extent.

3.      Don’t watch horror films

It is true that the only time which you can have all to yourself is bedtime. You are free to watch all the series which you had been piling up, your favorite shows, films, etc. But for some people watching or reading something scary can cause them to have an unpleasant experience while they sleep at night. Bad dreams are a common effect which has been talked about a lot. In order to avoid having to encounter such a thing, what you can do is try watching or reading content which is light-hearted, positive and for a change, funny.

4.      Seek professional help

It is very common for people to have an unpleasant experience while they sleep if they have had a bad day overall. People suffering from certain mental disorders who do not have complained about vivid dreams at night. If you are a person suffering from a similar condition and do not know what is stigma, then you should not ignore it, and immediately consult your doctor before things get out of hands.

5.      Paint your bad dream

It is possible that you might not be able to explain how bad your dream was, but listen! there is nothing to worry about. It is quite clear that dreams do not really follow the logic, so you don’t really need one to verbalize your thoughts. You can take the help of drawing and painting; let them do the job for you. It does not have to be a perfect one. It will bring you relief, and you will feel much lighter.

Paint your bad dream
Paint your bad dream

6.      Analyzing your dream

If you have been having bad dreams for a very long time, then its time you start analyzing it. If you feel that the dreams you’re having are pretty much the same. They are related to a certain topic; sometimes it is linked to the things you are having trouble with in your personal life or even your health. Expert suggests to try and remember the dream again while you are awake and wait till things get better and turn out to be positive. This process is known as “descripting”.


It is very difficult for a human to have full control over their dreams, but there are a lot of ways with the help of which you can change certain things bugging you at night. The above-mentioned ways will surely help you do the job, and apart from them there are other things, for example, having a positive mind, try eating less spicy food at night, nice fragrances, refrain from smoking, exercise daily, eat healthy food and bring some changes in your daily routine and that too the ones which make you feel happy and content.

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