Here is How to Get Newborn Baby to Sleep in A Crib

Who doesn’t love babies?  Newborn babies are just adorable, but when it comes to the task of getting them to sleep, that’s where things get a bit challenging. Babies require to be handled with utmost care and responsibility. Parents spend most of their time, the early months of the baby, in finding the perfect crib for their baby to sleep in. Although babies love to sleep in the arms of their mother, but at the same time it becomes rather difficult for the mother to do other important things. This article will lay out for you some ways which will help you get your sweet pea to sleep comfortably in his/her crib:

1.         Waiting is important

You have to be patient and wait until your baby is finally ready to sleep. If you put your baby into his/her crib at a time when they are feeling charged and ready to play, not sleep, then this will just irritate him even more, this thing often ends up with the baby screaming, hating the crib even more. It’s better if you check for signs like rubbing the eyes, yawning, and closing the eyes, etc. This means that the baby is ready to sleep.

Newborn babies
Newborn babies

2.         Prep the face

Make sure the room your baby is going to sleep in is cool, and a bit dark; a balance between 16C and 19C is preferred. If the room is quite then the baby tends to sleep in a much more comfortable way.

3.         A bedtime routine chart

Don’t expect that if you put your baby in the crib, it will go to sleep very easily; this may be the case with some babies but not all of them. It is generally advised to start the process with a small bedtime routine which may include light patting, cuddling, humming, changing a diaper, singing, etc. In this way, the baby will start to feel sleepy.

4.         Pat your baby’s back

If you see that your newborn baby is not comfortable and is maybe looking for you then in this situation what you can do is pick her up in your arms and start lightly patting on their back. This will help comfort your baby. When you are about to put your baby back in the crib make sure that you do it on his back. It is crucial to make sure that your baby is not on his side or his stomach while sleeping because this increases the chances of sudden infant death syndrome.

5.         Rock your newborn

Rock your newborn
Rock your newborn

The best way to provide absolute comfort to your newborn baby is rocking. Sometimes crib is in a rocker, so you can just rock the crib, if not then pick the baby up in your arms and when he finally sleeps, then put them back in their crib otherwise they will not get used to sleeping in your arms.

6. Try shushing

When it comes to parents trying to soothe their baby to sleep then another way which has proven to be quite helpful is shushing. The soft and comforting noise which is created in shushing is something which the baby craves for at that moment. Other noises which are advised to be made are the noise of running a fan, the sound of rain and playing some ocean. You can even play comforting music on your phone or any other device near you.

7. Swaddle your newborn

You might have heard of the phrase “swaddle your baby,” well swaddling your baby refers to wrapping your baby in a blanket which is quite thin when it comes to its material. It is another helpful way to provide comfort to your baby and to put him to sleep:

  • If you do not know how to swaddle your baby then there is absolutely nothing to worry about, you just need to perform a few steps which include:
  • Place a thin blanket flat on the bed, after doing that you need to fold one of the corners of the blanket.
  • Then put your baby on the blanket with his back facing the blanket, and the head should be on the corner which was folded.
  • Then take one side of the blanket in hour hand and cross it over to the other side, passing over the chest of the baby, make sure it is not too tight.
  •  Next you have to take the bottom part of the blanket and fold it over from the feet area upwards, this time over the shoulders of the baby.
  • At the end pick up the leftover side of the blanket and again cross it over the chest of the baby to the other side and tuck it in. Again be sure that the swaddle you just created is not at all tight.

8. Include a snack

Include a snack
Include a snack

Don’t forget to feed the baby at the right time. Timing is very important and plays a major role in the moods of the baby. Another thing which you can try while putting your baby to sleep in the crib is giving her a small snack; you are advised to give your baby almost 2 to 3 ounces of any milk formula or even breast milk. If your baby is up to six months old, then you can even mix a little bit of cereal in it, preferably 1 to 2 tablespoons.  You need to keep the quantity in control; otherwise, if the baby is fed more food than needed, it can cause discomfort.

9. Giving a bath

Often parents are not aware of the fact that a nice warm bath can help free the baby off discomfort. But if you feel that your baby gets irritated whenever you give him a bath, then it is advised that you should give your baby a bath at an early time in the day when your baby has woken up and not include it in the bedtime routine of your baby.

10. Read a book

Yes babies do not understand what you are saying and will surely not understand whatever is written in the book, but this is not about the book, it is about your soft voice which will help calm our baby. It is recommended to choose such a book which is for babies and try reading it in a very gentle way.


It is said that babies sleep almost 14 to 18 hours a day, but the real struggle is putting them to sleep in the crib, instead of in the arms. Research shows that spending 9 months in the womb of the mother makes the baby use to of sleeping in a comfortable and warm environment, so it’s important to find a crib which does the job and gives everyone else a chance to sleep tight. At first, no one knows how long do babies sleep in cribs and things are quite challenging, with the whole situation involving the crib, but you don’t have to give up just know, a little more time will work just fine, and your baby will eventually learn to sleep in the crib without making any fuss.

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