How to Stop Snoring

Do you snore? Well, you are not alone! According to statistics, about half of American adults also have snoring problems.

While this may be a common problem, we should take snoring problems more seriously. Even if this condition is not bothering you that much, it can be disruptive to your partner’s sleep. Moreover, it can also be a sign of more severe health problems like obesity, sleep deprivation, sleep apnea, and structural problems of your mouth, throat, and nose.

With that in mind, it is a must that you find ways on how to stop snoring. Here are some fantastic solutions that you can try:

Lose weight.

Are you overweight? If yes, then your weight may be the reason why you snore, and the best thing that you can do is to get rid of your excess weight as soon as possible.

Lose weight
Lose weight

The best ways to do this are to reduce your caloric intake (by maintaining a healthy diet) and boost your calorie consumption (through regular exercise). If you are having some issues in sticking to a balanced diet, it is recommended that you seek the help of a dietitian or a nutritional coach.

Sleep on your side.

Do you sleep on your back? If you do, there will be times when your tongue will move to the back of your throat. As a result, it blocks your airway which causes the snoring sounds at night. To avoid this, the best thing that you can do is to switch sleeping on your side so you air will properly flow to your lungs.

Do not drink alcohol or take sedatives.

Sedatives and alcohol are depressants and can cause the muscles at the back of your muscles to relax which will increase your chances of snoring at night. If you are a serious snorer, you may want to avoid consuming alcohol or taking sleep medications at night.

Open up your nasal passages.

As mentioned, snoring is the sound produced by the person when his airway is blocked. The best way to prevent this from happening is to open up your nasal passages. There are many ways on how you can do this.

Open up your nasal passages
Open up your nasal passages

For one, you can take a hot shower before you go to sleep. The heat of the water combined with the steam released by the shower can help keep your nasal passages open.

Another great idea is to use a salt water rinse to rinse out your nose and open up nasal passages.

You can also take advantage of nasal strips. When applied to the nose, these strips can open up your nose and lift nasal passages. This is the go-to solution for people who have structural problems on their nose.

Keep the air in your room moist.

When the air is dry, the membranes in our nose, mouth, and tongue get dry too. This can result in the irritation and inflammation of nasal tissues which can block the airflow to your lungs.

To address this, we recommend that you use a humidifier. This is a device designed to keep the air moist and prevent your mouth and nose from drying and getting irritated.

Quit smoking.

Smoking can also irritate the membranes in your throat and nose causing it to swell and block your airways. We know that it is a bit difficult to quit smoking right away. But if you wish to enjoy immediate snoring relief, this is indeed worth trying!

Perform anti-snoring exercises.

These exercises are developed to strengthen the muscles in your upper respiratory tract. The stronger your muscles are, the less likely that you are going to snore.

One good exercise to try is to repeat saying the vowels (A-E-I-O-U) out loud for a few minutes at least three times a day.

Perform anti-snoring exercises
Perform anti-snoring exercises

You can also try closing your mouth and pursing your lips for about 30 seconds.

Final Words

If you have tried all of the tips on how to stop snoring that we have mentioned but to no avail, then it might be the best time for you to visit a doctor. The doctor may ask you to undergo a sleep apnea test to determine if your snoring issues is an indication of a more serious health issue. If it is, he will be able to create the right treatment plan for your needs.

Stomach Sleepers- The Definitive Guide

Stomach Sleepers

Are you a stomach sleeper? If so, then you will be surprised to know that you are part of a rare breed. In fact, studies show that only 16% of the population sleep on their stomach.

People have always claimed that sleeping on your stomach is uncomfortable. After all, how can you even breathe when your face is buried in your pillow. Well, only you can answer that! However, most experts claim that sleeping on your stomach can be a danger to your health while some claim that it is perfectly safe for you.

So which is which true? I know it can be confusing, so we have decided to create this simple yet comprehensive guide to help you figure this out!

The Benefits of Sleeping on Your Stomach

Many deem this as the worst sleeping position of all, but you will be surprised to know that this sleeping position offers health benefits as well.

One of the most significant benefits of sleeping on your stomach is that it can help you solve your snoring or sleep apnea issues.

The Cons of Sleeping on Your Stomach

Sadly though, the disadvantages of sleeping on your stomach trump its advantages. When you lie on your stomach, your body takes on a few awkward twists and bends which can mess up proper spinal alignment.

The cons of sleeping on your stomach
The cons of sleeping on your stomach

In fact, when analyzed your sleeping position closely, it places your neck in an awkward upward bend, your hips in an uncomfortable downward bend. It may also force your neck to twist extremely either on the left or right side.

Because of this unnatural position, you may end up with neck and back pain that persists through the entire day.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Sleeping Position

Many would recommend that you try to change your sleeping position. But if you have a hard time doing so, you will be happy to know that there are a few ways on how you can make this sleeping position as comfortable and healthy as possible. These are as follows:

Choose the right pillow.

The most common problem of most stomach sleepers is whether they should use a pillow or not. The solution here is simple—you choose the option that can help put your spine and neck in proper alignment. In short, using a pillow is always the best idea.

The problem now lies with the type of pillow that you should use, so you need to learn how to choose a pillow.

Most stomach sleepers find pillows in the market to be either too thin or thick. When you use a thin pillow, you will tend to compensate for it by putting your arms on top of the pillow. This will keep your neck aligned, but your arms would tend to move around at night so the alignment would not be consistent. Worst is, you would end up with strained arms.

When you use an overly stuffed pillow, it will impede good airflow to your head, and you might end up sweating all night long.

Choose the right pillow
Choose the right pillow

To solve this, you should use an adjustable pillow which comes with a zippered opening that allows you to remove or add fluff to suit your preference.

Pick the best mattress.

Aside from the pillow, you also need to be careful in choosing the mattress that you use. A good mattress will adjust to your pressure points, removing the stress on your neck and tummy. If you decided to go pillow-free, the mattress might act as your headrest too.

An excellent mattress for the stomach sleeper is one that removes pressure from your stomach and head and at the same time, providing the support that your pelvis and neck need.

And since stomach sleepers are positioned in a way that they are hugging the mattress, they are more prone to trapping heat in their body as compare to other sleepers. Because of this, you need to choose a mattress that is designed to promote proper airflow and disperse body heat.

Address the bend in your lower back.

Most of your weight is concentrated on your pelvic area. Because of this, this body part sinks a lot farther into the mattress than any other parts. The position of your hips places unneeded pressure on your lower back muscles.

To reduce the pressure that this part receives, the best thing that you can do is to place a pillow under your hips which will keep it a bit elevated. As a result, the downward bend of your back will be prevented.

Another option that you have is to go for a firmer mattress. If your mattress is too soft, your hips will sink lower, and the bend in your back will be a lot bigger.

Perform the child’s pose when you wake up.

You can combat the effects of your sleep position on your lower back with the child’s pose. To perform this pose, assume a sitting position with your shins in direct contact with the floor and your toes pointing backward.

Push your pelvic area downwards then place your hands forward as far as you can while they touch the floor. To extend both sides of your back, alternate putting your right and left hands forward.

For more tips on how to sleep on your stomach, please watch this video:

Frequently Asked Questions of Stomach Sleepers

Can and should pregnant women sleep on their stomachs?

If you are used to sleeping on your stomach, you may have to make adjustments to your sleeping position for your and your baby’s sake.

You see, different parts of your body will receive unwanted pressure as your baby grows. When your baby develops, your uterus grows bigger too, and its size can compress the veins that bring blood from your heart to legs, causing it to pump more. As a result, you may feel dizzy, have difficulty breathing and higher heart rate. This risk increases when you sleep on your stomach.

When you sleep on your back, this blood flow is decreased and so does your heart rate.

Are there sleep accessories that can enhance the form of stomach sleepers?

Yes, actually. Nowadays, body pillows are widely available. These pillows are designed to position your body as you sleep properly. Also, there are also contouring body pillows that conform to the shape of the body, giving it the support it needs.

If you want to go all out, you can try investing in a full body positioning system which allows the sleeper to lie face down while lifting his hips for proper alignment.

What does sleeping on your stomach says about your personality?

Believe it or not, many people believe that your sleeping position has plenty of things to say about your character and sleeping on your stomach is no exception.

Most people refer to this as the “free-fall” sleep position. Because of this term, people claim that people who sleep on their stomach are risk takers. Since this position is also known as the skydiver, this type of sleepers is also known to be open, playful, and adventurous.

But despite their fun nature, many claims that the free fallers don’t have the thick skin to deal with criticisms properly. If you take a look at their sleeping position, you may notice that it is quite a defensive stance. And with his back on other people, it seems like he is trying to hide his vulnerable parts of his body. This shows that he is not confident enough to take on criticisms head-on.

What does sleeping on your stomach says about your personality
What does sleeping on your stomach says about your personality

Moreover, these sleepers may also find themselves too vulnerable when they are in a relationship. In fact, they may show signs of fear and anxiety when they share a bed or life story with their partner.

How can you train yourself to sleep in a different position?

If you want to take the easy way out, your best option is to try and switch to a different sleeping position. Below are some tips on how you can do that:

– Use a body pillow to assist you from switching to sleeping on your stomach to sleeping partially on your stomach. By sleeping with a body pillow, you will get the feeling of lying on your stomach minus half of the pains and aches.

– Sleep with sleep pants on and place a tennis ball in its pocket. When you are tempted to roll into your stomach, the ball will poke into your body which would cause you to turn the other way.

– Sleep on the couch. The lack of surface area will make it difficult for you to lie on your stomach so you will be forced to sleep on your side.

In Summary

Sleeping in your stomach is not as harmful as many people think it is. But if you wish to manage its disadvantages, you must keep in mind the sleeping tips that we have provided in this short yet comprehensive guide.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

People often ignore the importance of mental health and the impact it has on their lives. First and foremost it is very important to know what mental health really refers to and its importance in the life of an individual. This is why we will discuss simple ways to improve your mental health in this article.

Well! Mental health refers to when your mind is on the verge of psychological wellbeing and where the presence of mental issues is nowhere to be found or a much more easier way to say that would be, when you are free from mental stress and sickness, therefore your mind functions perfectly. On the other, hand mental illness is the exact opposite of the above-stated situation of your brain.

Importance of mental health
Importance of mental health

Importance of mental health

The importance of mental health can be realized by just a few things which will be talked about in his paragraph. The fantasy of having a relaxed mind actually focuses on us being free from anything which might cause us depression, anxiety, unnecessary worries, possible addictions and mental illness, etc. Mental health helps us to make our relationships stronger than before; you are better able to decide for your future, it enables you to maintain your health physically as well as spiritually. Life is bound to face ups and downs, and mental health ensures that you are able to face them and handle with the utmost care and responsibility. You tend to realize your capabilities; therefore you know what do to with them. Whether you are a doctor, an engineer, an entrepreneur or in any other profession, metal wellbeing helps you go through every phase of life in the best way possible.

Ways to improve your mental health

  • Stay positive

According to a research, what you think about yourself matters a lot and play a major role in how you feel. Negative thinking can lead to low self-esteem and mental problems. Therefore it is very important to always think positive and make use of such words which strengthen you as a person and increase your worth.

  • Take care of your body

When it comes to improving your mental state, it is crucial to take good care of yourself physically. You can do that by eating healthy and taking in as many nutrients as are required by your body. Exercise as much as possible. Water is essential, and you need to make sure that you drink a lot of water. Refrain from all those things which are injurious to health for example cigarettes. Get plenty of sleep as it helps to make your mind feel fresh. If dreams affect your sleep then learn how to sleep without dreaming.

  • Value yourself
Value yourself
Value yourself

Nowadays it is observed that people tend to criticize themselves a lot, even for petty things, which leave a negative impact on your mind. Therefore it is necessary to know the importance of treating yourself good. You need to treat yourself with utmost regard and politeness. It will be very helpful if you take out time from your busy schedule and put in efforts for your hobbies, most liked projects, your diet and bedtime routine chart, or for fun you can even play games which will help boost your mind.

  • Exercise

People often ignore the fact the endorphins are quite mystical when it comes to their functioning. What happens is that when you are exercising your brain begins to deliver such chemicals which make you feel good, and your mood suddenly changes and becomes better. Fresh air has a very positive impact on you. Therefore, it is generally advised to exercise outdoors.

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  • Educate yourself

Educating yourself about various things from the world to your own health has proven to be beneficial and effective in most cases. In order to fight any illness, be it mental illness or other physical issues, it is important to know what is happening in your body and the reason behind it. Awareness always helps you to manage the problem in a much better way.

Water is essential
Water is essential
  • Stay in the presence of good people

It has been observed that the people who have a very strong family background in terms of concern and links, tend to come out as a strong personality overall, as compared to those who do not have such a strong family behind them, to support and look after them at all times, good or bad. Try to engage more and more with your family members either by making plans or just simply spending more time with them, making them feel important.


If you are someone who is suffering from mental illness, then you need to start today. It is important to understand your mental state and take initial steps to improve the condition. It is not something which cannot be treated, it just requires effort from the person suffering, and the treatment of any medical condition demands commitment and determination. Don’t lead yourself into a situation where things might only get worse, and your health deteriorates. Take a few things from this article, including simple ways to improve your mental health in your life and they will surely help you feel much better than before.

A Guide to How to Sleep without Dreaming

How to Sleep without dreaming

After a long and busy day, who doesn’t want to have a good night’s sleep? Every person plans to sleep tight, with them waking up in the morning fresh and ready to start a new day. No one wants to be horrified and disturbed by having bad dreams and want to sleep without dreaming, causing them to wake up during the night, every now and then. Not being able to control them is where people feel helpless.

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According to a research carried out it was stated that everyone, be it an adult, a child or an old person has dreams. There are the ones who feel that they do not have dreams, but that is not true. There is a connection between good and bad dreams. Other than that it has been proved over the time that dreams are good for a person’s health. Having a nice dream at night ensures a person’s stable psychological state, depression free mind, and spiritual calmness.

Bad dreams

Bad dreams
Bad dreams

A bad dream refers to the one which causes a person to wake up in the middle of the night, facing sensations such as fear, terror, and restlessness, in some cases anxiety as well. People tend to remember them even when they have woken up. It is usual for bad dreams to take place in deep sleep.

There is not much information available as to why bad dreams occur, but it is generally believed by experts that the daytime routine of a person, tends to play a major role in this situation. Another research showed that kids between the ages of 3 to 6 years old suffer from having bad dreams with a percentage of 10 to 50. While 80% of children between the age group of 7 to 9 years face bad dreams.

How to stop bad dreams

1.      Talk to your doctor

People who are used to of taking anti-depression medicines have talked about the advantages it has had on their lives, but they are also the ones who have complained about having bad dreams at night, and that too quite severe ones. Try simple ways to improve your mental health to make the situation better. Other than that people who have been taking B6 and B12 have also made similar complaints. It is better to consult your doctor so that they can have a deeper look into the situation and advise you accordingly.

Talk to doctor
Talk to doctor

2.      Write about something good

Journal writing is a very good habit and can come in handy while dealing with the problem of bad dreams. Although if you are a person who writes all their negative thoughts in their diaries, then it can have an effect on your dreams at night, as it may cause you to have bad dreams. Therefore it is advised to try and fill up your journal with pleasant experiences, some positive quotes, due to which this problem can be controlled to quite an extent.

3.      Don’t watch horror films

It is true that the only time which you can have all to yourself is bedtime. You are free to watch all the series which you had been piling up, your favorite shows, films, etc. But for some people watching or reading something scary can cause them to have an unpleasant experience while they sleep at night. Bad dreams are a common effect which has been talked about a lot. In order to avoid having to encounter such a thing, what you can do is try watching or reading content which is light-hearted, positive and for a change, funny.

4.      Seek professional help

It is very common for people to have an unpleasant experience while they sleep if they have had a bad day overall. People suffering from certain mental disorders who do not have complained about vivid dreams at night. If you are a person suffering from a similar condition and do not know what is stigma, then you should not ignore it, and immediately consult your doctor before things get out of hands.

5.      Paint your bad dream

It is possible that you might not be able to explain how bad your dream was, but listen! there is nothing to worry about. It is quite clear that dreams do not really follow the logic, so you don’t really need one to verbalize your thoughts. You can take the help of drawing and painting; let them do the job for you. It does not have to be a perfect one. It will bring you relief, and you will feel much lighter.

Paint your bad dream
Paint your bad dream

6.      Analyzing your dream

If you have been having bad dreams for a very long time, then its time you start analyzing it. If you feel that the dreams you’re having are pretty much the same. They are related to a certain topic; sometimes it is linked to the things you are having trouble with in your personal life or even your health. Expert suggests to try and remember the dream again while you are awake and wait till things get better and turn out to be positive. This process is known as “descripting”.


It is very difficult for a human to have full control over their dreams, but there are a lot of ways with the help of which you can change certain things bugging you at night. The above-mentioned ways will surely help you do the job, and apart from them there are other things, for example, having a positive mind, try eating less spicy food at night, nice fragrances, refrain from smoking, exercise daily, eat healthy food and bring some changes in your daily routine and that too the ones which make you feel happy and content.

How long do Babies Sleep in Crib?

How long do babies sleep in crib

Parents often ask a question that how long do babies sleep in the crib. Well, there is no specific time limit for that. When it comes to getting your child to sleep in a bed instead of a crib, all you need to do is wait, as research has shown that most babies stop sleeping in their cribs between the ages 1 ½ and 3 ½. It is generally advised by experts to wait till your baby turns three because there are certain babies who are not very welcoming towards such changes. It is advised that when your child is getting older and bigger, you have to put a stop to his habit of sleeping in a crib and change it to a bed in the bedtime routine chart.

Parents worry
Parents worry

Parents worry

Parents tend to get worried a bit too early because they feel that since their child is getting active with every passing day, there is a very high possibility that their baby might fall from the crib while trying to get out. From the safety concern of the baby, it is much needed, but there is not much to worry about. You don’t have to run to the market and purchase a brand new bed for your baby the very first day he leaves his crib, it’s not needed.

As stated above as well that most children are not that welcoming to changes, therefore it is possible that they might not like the idea of sleeping in a new bed. In order to ensure your child’s safety, try not doing that, no one wants their toddler to roam around the house while everyone is sleeping. What you can do to improve this situation is that you can increase the level of the side railings of the crib; this will solve the problem as the child will have difficulty climbing over.

The arrival of a new baby

The arrival of a new baby
The arrival of a new baby

Another reason for parents wanting to change the habit of their baby and introducing him to his bed is the possible arrival of a new baby and then all they worry about is how to get newborn to sleep in crib. If you are such a parent, then you are advised to do it at least eight weeks before the arrival of the new baby. Babies do not like to face situations where their things are being taken over by another sibling, therefore in order to ignore this issue an early change is recommended.

If you see that your toddler does not like the idea, then you should try giving him/her some time to think, you can wait until the new baby is around three months old since a baby spends his early months in a bassinet instead of a crib. This will help your child to adjust to the arrival of the new baby in a very positive way and will leave their crib whenever they feel like it’s time to do so. You have to make one thing clear that trying to hurry things up may cause problems in the future; it is advised to time things right based on the willingness of your child, instead of trying to free the crib for the new baby.

Signs that your toddler is ready

Even if your child really loves being in the crib, playing in it and climbing out of it, there will come a time when he/she will be ready to make the transition from the crib to their new bed. First one foremost is supervision. You will get to know the right time to make the transition when you see that your child is okay with being unsupervised, you have to be sure of his safety, especially at night. Children are used to the railings of the crib, at first they will love getting out of the bed whenever they want, but later they will understand the concept of a bed.

Signs that toddler ready
Signs that toddler ready

If you feel that your child is getting tired of sleeping in the crib every night, and seems to be attracted towards the thought of getting his/her own bed, then it’s totally worth giving a shot. If your child is old enough to put their thought into words for you, then you have to understand that they will easily understand imaginary boundaries, when being given a bed.


There comes a certain time when your toddler will try to get out of their crib no matter how many times you put them back in or stop them from doing it, and there is a very high possibility of the child falling and hurting himself. The only way to solve this problem would be to either introduce him/her to a new bed or consult a pediatrician.

It is quite normal for kids to start getting irritated from their crib and there are a lot of reasons behind them doing so. Sometimes when they look at their older siblings having their own bed, they tend to get jealous. They love the idea of not having to climb over something in order to leave the room, and then of course from getting hurt every now and then. The only way to solve this problem would be to try giving him his own bed, this way he will understand what having a bed feels like. It is not your readiness which matters but in fact your child’s willingness to move to a bed.

Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men?

According to experts, it has been said women need to sleep at least 20 minutes more than men. The reason behind this is that on a general level, women perform different tasks during the day; therefore their need for sleep is more than men. So, the reason why women need more sleep then men is that the brain needs to relax, depending on how much it is used. Though it has been stated every now and then that women need more sleep, but recent research has shown that they are not getting the required sleep. A good night’s sleep guarantees a women’s wellbeing.

Women need to sleep at least 20 minutes more than men
Women need to sleep at least 20 minutes more than men

By now it has been made clear that males and females have their own physical needs, and sleep is definitely one differentiating factor. No one wants to undergo immense stress and mood swings; unfortunately, women do tend to suffer from it more than men, due to the lack of proper sleep. Therefore in order to free oneself from this condition, women need to realize their body requirements, and in this case their sleep requirements. It will help you solve the problem in a controlled manner. This article will help you understand some of the reasons behind this research and how it may affect your health and life.

1.     Busy schedules

One of the major reasons for women being unable to get proper sleep is the multiple tasks they have to perform during a day. Multitasking leads to them using their brain more than other people, and this further leads to your brain demanding more time to rest. Therefore, you can sleep without pillow and that will be the best option for you.

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that in some cases men also tend to suffer from lack of sleep, because of their complex jobs but the ratio is not that high. There are certain things which are expected from women from the very beginning, which include giving birth to their babies, feeding them, looking after them in the most responsible manner, school their children, run the entire household and besides that women have their careers and jobs to look after. This explains how much they have to keep their brain running.

2.      Women go through more hormonal changes than men

Another reason behind the need of women for more sleep is the hormonal difference between men and women, and the change they undergo during the different phases of their lives, from birth to giving birth, etc. It is seen that hormones are held accountable for a lot of things which go wrong in a girl’s life, be it their weight issues or the never-ending mood swings during menstruation.

Women go through more hormonal changes than men
Women go through more hormonal changes than men

Well to some extent it is true, as science has also shown that hormones are the reason behind women undergoing the lack of sleep. At the time of menstruation, women experience obvious hormonal changes, and the specific hormone causing the trouble, in this case, is the sex hormone which is known as progesterone. What happens is that this hormone increases during the last two weeks of girl’s monthly cycle. The increase in this hormone tends to cause a rise in the need for energy. The more you sleep, the more you are able to restore this energy increase.

Not being able to get enough sleep leaves major impacts not only on your health but your life on a whole as well, the things which are affected the most due to lack of sleep are your hormones and brain. The adrenal function is disturbed, there is low serotonin production, and furthermore, it makes the PMS symptoms worse.

3.     Not getting enough rest

As stated above as well that a daily routine of women is quite tough due to the situation of multi-tasking. Therefore, the demand for rest also increases, but unfortunately, the problem is still there as women don’t get enough rest as demanded by their body and brain.

If you are a mother, then you must be aware of the fact that raising children is not a piece of cake; your resting times depend on their schedules throughout the day. It is when they are sleeping, that you are able to give time to the other household chores, which are already lined up for you. The cooking, cleaning, washing clothes tend to take forever, but you know that you have to be fast and get it done before they wake up. It is normal for women to get irritable very easily; lack of sleep is enough to irritate a person.

Make sure you take care of your mental health too. That is also very important to get complete rest. Try simple ways to improve your mental health.

4.      Lack of sleep leads to weight gain

It is by now a known fact that it is relatively easier for men to lose weight as compared to women. Sleep deprivation is a condition which is quite normal to be faced by overweight women. Therefore there is an obvious link between a woman being overweight and suffering from insomnia at the same time. During sleep deprivation, the hormone of stress which is called cortisol tends to increase in a great quantity. The increase in cortisol causes a rise in the appetite, and you start gaining weight.

Lack of sleep leads to weight gain
Lack of sleep leads to weight gain

5.      Women are wired differently

The brains of both women and men work differently from one another. Women tend to get emotional quite easily because the connection in their brains causes them to think that way. Their thinking patterns are also analytical as compared to men. The multitasking increases the activity in your brain, and this level of increase takes time to go back to normal. Even when women lay down on their bed to fall asleep, their brain keeps on working due to the increased activity, and as a result, they find it really hard to fall asleep. Resting and sleeping play a major role in helping solve this problem.


It is much needed that women understand the effects which lack of sleep has on their life and most importantly on their health. This problem is not just confined to a specific country; in fact, it is being experienced by women all over the world. Their sleep patterns are disturbed in the most negative way. It further leads to them being unable to focus on and give time to other important things in their life. Getting proper sleep is not just important for women but every human being. Men also suffer from sleep deprivation, and there are a lot of ways out there to tackle this issue. Proper sleep helps a person to improve the standard of their life. You start to feel much happier than before and are able to focus on your health.

What is Stigma and How Can It Impact Us?

Impact of stigma

What is Stigma?

Stigma is referred to as a mark of devaluation which is used for a specific person or in some cases, a circumstance. The people who fall victim to such acts of disgrace tend to suffer a lot. The suffering and labeling often end up separating them from the society, and that is where depression strikes.

What is Stigma
What is Stigma

There are a lot of stigmas in the society even in the 21st century, and the most common one amongst them is the stigma of mental illness. This situation tends to make the person feel so damaged, which is almost as bad as the illness itself. Stigma is considered to be a low and negative mindset due to which the society tends to lose its worth.

Mental illness

As stated above as well, mental illness is a condition which is stigmatized the most in society. According to recent research carried out the people suffering from some kind of mental illness are the ones who most of the times fall victim to such acts of devaluation. Almost 46 million American patients undergoing a mental illness are being stigmatized.  It’s extremely hard for anyone for dealing with mental sickness but what’s even harder is having to prepare yourself to answer the never-ending questions of the people around you, the feeling that you are constantly being judged by hundreds of them, the discrimination which takes place on a very large scale and of course the unfair treatment. The person who has to face this every day tends to lose confidence in them and the fact that are they ever going to get better or not.

Mental illness
Mental illness

Medical condition

People suffering from a medical condition also face the problem of stigma. What happens is that the constant discrimination which is a scene in the society for those who are patients of a certain disease tends to prevent other people from disclosing their medical condition simply because of the reason that they do not want to society to labialize them or to behave with them in an unacceptable way. In the past, there are some diseases which have been stigmatized a lot for example leprosy, HIV/AIDS.

It is the general behavior of the society to consider that the people who are fighting a medical condition such as cancer are really strong and that they are entitled to get all the support in the world, so that every day they feel encouraged to live a bit longer.

On the other hand, people who are daily fighting the diseases such as HIV are treated in the most unfair way, because the society considers them to be sinners. Therefore, they are not given due importance and encouragement; which helps a person survive even in the most unlikely situations, but in this case it makes them feel weaker every day. Such societies believe that HIV patients are being punished for their unforgivable act; they are forced to go into isolation.

What stigma does to them is really sad as it stops the person to get him/herself tested for such a disease, getting the proper medical care which is required, making it known to the people around them and seeking complete treatment. The possible fears which are faced under such situations are; the fear of isolation, the possibility of losing their life partners without whom they might not have ever imagined their lives. For these people trying simple ways to improve your mental health is a must.

Impact of stigma

The constant stigmatization develops in the patients or other people suffering from it on a daily basis, feelings of fear, lack of confidence and they often end up re-evaluating their own self. They also suffer with nightmares. For this they need to learn how to sleep without dreaming.

Self-stigmatization refers to an act whereby the people with mental illness, tend to adopt and make the negative attitudes and beliefs of the society, towards them, as a part of their personal nature, through learning. This ends with the person not knowing the worth of his/her life and therefore suffers from extremely low self-esteem.

People suffering from a medical condition also face the problem of stigma
People suffering from a medical condition also face the problem of stigma

The economic impact of mental stigma

The effects of stigma are not just confined to the society or the person suffering from it, in fact, the economy also falls victim to it. The hesitation of patients with mental illness to come forward and seek medical care costs the state a lot as when people do eventually decide to disclose their sickness then the costs of the health service increase on a very large scale.

According to research carried out, it was stated that one in four Europeans are affected by various mental health issues. This accounts to 132.4 million people every year causing the economic cost of 436 billion Euro in 2006 or 2,271 Euro per EU household per year. Not just that, in Ireland the costs of mental health problems are reckoned to be over €3 billion in 2006. Putting an end to the act of stigmatization is much needed not just for the individual, but for the betterment of the society and economy on the whole.


The society plays a major role in the act of stigmatization. The person who daily encounters such attitudes of the people begins to question him/herself as to why they are the way they are? Or what it is that they need to change about themselves?

The effects stated in the above paragraph, are certainly not the only ones, there are a lot of other impacts stigma has on the life of people undergoing the situation. For example, it minimizes any access to getting a proper job or enjoying housing facilities. Reduced dignity comes naturally with stigmatization. The human rights are openly abused with no one opposing to it, as people tend to accept stigmatizing as normal behavior of the society.

Sleep without a Pillow to Get a Peaceful Night Sleep

Does sleeping without a pillow leave an impact on your life and health? For most people, the thing which matters a lot is getting a good night’s sleep whether it is with or without a pillow, but sometimes it is good to know how even a small thing such as, sleeping without a pillow, can have a huge impact on your health.

Sleeping without a pillow
Sleeping without a pillow

Sleep deprivation is known to most people, and it is a very commonly experienced medical condition. Sleep deprivation can lead to a person being unable to function properly on a daily basis. You might have been waking up with a sore neck. Lately, constant headache, dark circles, your whole body might be hurting a lot, well this might sound strange to you, but in most cases, these things take place due to the lack of proper sleep which is sometimes caused by issues with the pillows. For this you need to make a bedtime routine chart and follow it to avoid such issues.

In this article you will get to know how losing the use of pillows can help you get quality sleep and that too in the most comfortable way. We will focus on whether to sleep with or without it depending on the position you sleep in at night:

1.       Your neck and back

Sleeping without a pillow helps you to free yourself from aches, and you are better able to relax. If you use a soft pillow, it poses a force on your neck and therefore the blood flow decreases as a result. In some cases, if while sleeping your head tends to bend down, and falls short of providing the required support for your head, then the airflow decreases. As a result, you wake up with a headache.

2.       Restful feeling

When you do not use any pillows in the night, then this enables your body to find another position to rest. When you make use of pillows which are unable to provide you with the needed support, then your neck and back muscles have to step in and take control of the situation which results in them not resting at night. Therefore your mornings are restless. Not using any pillows help save you from this problem.

3.       Better skin

When you sleep on the pillow, then it is quite normal that your face and cheeks will lay flat on the pillow which may have a negative impact on your skin and beauty. You might be surprised to know that sleeping on the pillow can result in you getting acne, pimples, and wrinkles. Pressing your face on the pillow makes it difficult for our skin to breathe and furthermore, it stops your pores to have any sort of contact with the fresh air, therefore, in this case, your skin tends to become very oily with time. Sleeping without the pillow can improve your skin and this is why women need more sleep too.

4.       Stress and insomnia

Stress and insomnia
Stress and insomnia

Most of the times the amount of stress you encounter throughout a day is caused by your sleeping patterns which are focused more on the position you sleep in. Try sleeping without a pillow as it helps to prevent further stress. The problem of insomnia can be dealt with in many ways and avoiding the use of pillows at night is most certainly one of them. Sleeping without a pillow helps to increase the standard of your sleep.

5.       Stomach sleepers

There is a lot of different type of sleepers which benefit from sleeping without a pillow at night, and one of them are stomach sleepers. Stomach sleeping is considered to be a very unusual position of sleeping which has a negative impact on the health of those who sleep in such a position, but it does help to improve the situation of snoring as well as sleep apnea. The problem with this position is that the neck of the person is twisted and several spinal problems are faced. Doctors and other health advisors generally ask stomach sleepers to use a thin pillow or even better to not use a pillow at all. It plays a major role to keep your head on the level of the mattress, and your spine is able to rest all through the night.

6.       Back sleepers

People who tend to sleep on their back experience that whether the mattress is firm or soft, it is very normal that space is created between the upper part and lower part of the body against the mattress. In the same way when the mattress is a bit too soft the hips of the person sinks into the mattress covering the lower back. Therefore sleeping without a pillow or making use of a thin pillow helps improve the situation.

Back sleepers
Back sleepers

7.       Spinal alignment and pain relief

People are generally unaware of the fact that sleeping without pillow tends to be beneficial for your spine as your body adopts a much-untaught position. Not just the curves of your body, but your spine are better able to rest. Therefore not using a pillow will prevent possible neck pains. One of the major reasons for people suffering from constant neck and back pain is due to the wrong use of pillows, sometimes too thick while the other too thin. Going for the perfect type of pillow is very important when you are trying to deal with pain.


At the end of the day sleeping with or without a pillow mainly depends on your own style, standards, and preferences. It is just a matter of time, and after that, you tend to settle and get used to the habit of not using a pillow anymore, in most cases, people end up liking it more than when they used pillows. People have actually experienced a major change in their health. Those who previously used to suffer from headaches, neck pain and back pains have told that they have seen a drastic change and improvement in them. If you see that sleeping without pillow has not improved the situation, then it’s always advised to consult a doctor, and you may even go back to your usual sleeping pattern.

Here is How You can Make a Bedtime Routine Chart

Sleep holds great importance in a person’s life. It does not just play a vital role in your mental and physical wellbeing, but increases the quality of one’s life as well. It is really important for a person to get the right amount of sleep, as required by your body, to ensure a healthy and fresh day ahead. Your activities and feeling throughout the day greatly depend on how well you’ve had your sleep. Although there is no doubt about the fact that sleep is an extremely essential part of one’s life, but still there are millions of people who are unable to get proper sleep. People often struggle with their sleeping routines.

Bedtime Routine Chart For Kids

Sleep holds great importance
Sleep holds great importance

Here is how you can make the chart for kids:

  • Warning

You need to keep reminding your child that their day is coming to an end and that it is soon going to be time for bed.

  • Offer a snack

Another little something which can be included is offering a reasonable snack which is has both carbohydrates and protein. An example for such a diet could be a piece of cheese. Such snacks ensure that the child will sleep throughout the night, comfortably.

  • Getting dressed

It is important that at night, while getting into bed, you provide your children with such clothes which are comfortable; which includes, the clothes not being super tight or loose.

  • A nice and warm bath with brushing the teeth

Children hate taking a bath before bed, but if it is a nice and a warm one, they might tend to like it. A warm bath helps to increase the body temperature of your child, due to which they become sleepy and relaxed all of a sudden. Do not forget to add brushing the teeth to the routine.

  • Reading a book

Reading a book
Reading a book

As much as children dislike taking a bath, most of them love being read a good book. It can be any story book, preferably a one which is related to bedtime. It helps to soothe your child.

Bedtime Routine Chart For Adults:

Here are a few things you can add to your bedtime routine for a peaceful night’s sleep:

  • No electronics

You can never fall asleep as long as you are using your mobiles and other electronics. They tend to interfere with the signals sent by your brain, which makes it difficult for you to feel sleepy anytime soon. Try turning off your mobile at night, before bedtime. Try to sleep without pillow for a few minutes daily and relax.

No electronics
No electronics
  • Read

According to a research which was recently carried out, it has been stated that reading a book often helps you to fall asleep easily. It is general advised to read the book in any other room except the one you sleep in, as it is better if you’re brain only links your bed with sleep.

  • Music

Even though it is advised to refrain from using electronic devices but listening to music helps calm your brain and makes you fall asleep earlier than expected. It is recommended not to hear music which is either too loud or emotional.

  • Reminders for the day:

When in bed, you get all sorts of thoughts, including things you did that day, plans for the next day etc. This makes it difficult for your mind to relax. To solve this problem you can right everything down on a note pad, therefore the chances of you forgetting them are low. So you can relax and go to sleep.

  • A yoga

If you feel that yoga helps to soothe your mind then try doing it before going to bed. Yoga is a very good exercise for your mind as well as your body. If you feel that spiritual activities help you to relax then it is advised to include them in your bedtime routine. This may include reading of spiritual literature, meditation, praying, yoga etc.


Bedtime routine charts have not just proven to be valuable for people belonging to a certain age group, but for everyone. Proper sleeping routines help people to be able to get the right amount of sleep without compromising anything; therefore you are able to perform your tasks without feeling tired.

The making of a proper bedtime routine chart is not at all complicated, there are no set rules for it, and you just need to keep in mind a few essentials which are going to benefit you in the long run. You get to think about your day and plan for the next one. It is totally up to you for how long you want your bedtime routine to be. What really matters at this point is the peacefulness of your mind. The key to a successful bedtime routine includes a relaxed mind, joy, and of course for it to be quite.

Here is How to Get Newborn Baby to Sleep in A Crib

Who doesn’t love babies?  Newborn babies are just adorable, but when it comes to the task of getting them to sleep, that’s where things get a bit challenging. Babies require to be handled with utmost care and responsibility. Parents spend most of their time, the early months of the baby, in finding the perfect crib for their baby to sleep in. Although babies love to sleep in the arms of their mother, but at the same time it becomes rather difficult for the mother to do other important things. This article will lay out for you some ways which will help you get your sweet pea to sleep comfortably in his/her crib:

1.         Waiting is important

You have to be patient and wait until your baby is finally ready to sleep. If you put your baby into his/her crib at a time when they are feeling charged and ready to play, not sleep, then this will just irritate him even more, this thing often ends up with the baby screaming, hating the crib even more. It’s better if you check for signs like rubbing the eyes, yawning, and closing the eyes, etc. This means that the baby is ready to sleep.

Newborn babies
Newborn babies

2.         Prep the face

Make sure the room your baby is going to sleep in is cool, and a bit dark; a balance between 16C and 19C is preferred. If the room is quite then the baby tends to sleep in a much more comfortable way.

3.         A bedtime routine chart

Don’t expect that if you put your baby in the crib, it will go to sleep very easily; this may be the case with some babies but not all of them. It is generally advised to start the process with a small bedtime routine which may include light patting, cuddling, humming, changing a diaper, singing, etc. In this way, the baby will start to feel sleepy.

4.         Pat your baby’s back

If you see that your newborn baby is not comfortable and is maybe looking for you then in this situation what you can do is pick her up in your arms and start lightly patting on their back. This will help comfort your baby. When you are about to put your baby back in the crib make sure that you do it on his back. It is crucial to make sure that your baby is not on his side or his stomach while sleeping because this increases the chances of sudden infant death syndrome.

5.         Rock your newborn

Rock your newborn
Rock your newborn

The best way to provide absolute comfort to your newborn baby is rocking. Sometimes crib is in a rocker, so you can just rock the crib, if not then pick the baby up in your arms and when he finally sleeps, then put them back in their crib otherwise they will not get used to sleeping in your arms.

6. Try shushing

When it comes to parents trying to soothe their baby to sleep then another way which has proven to be quite helpful is shushing. The soft and comforting noise which is created in shushing is something which the baby craves for at that moment. Other noises which are advised to be made are the noise of running a fan, the sound of rain and playing some ocean. You can even play comforting music on your phone or any other device near you.

7. Swaddle your newborn

You might have heard of the phrase “swaddle your baby,” well swaddling your baby refers to wrapping your baby in a blanket which is quite thin when it comes to its material. It is another helpful way to provide comfort to your baby and to put him to sleep:

  • If you do not know how to swaddle your baby then there is absolutely nothing to worry about, you just need to perform a few steps which include:
  • Place a thin blanket flat on the bed, after doing that you need to fold one of the corners of the blanket.
  • Then put your baby on the blanket with his back facing the blanket, and the head should be on the corner which was folded.
  • Then take one side of the blanket in hour hand and cross it over to the other side, passing over the chest of the baby, make sure it is not too tight.
  •  Next you have to take the bottom part of the blanket and fold it over from the feet area upwards, this time over the shoulders of the baby.
  • At the end pick up the leftover side of the blanket and again cross it over the chest of the baby to the other side and tuck it in. Again be sure that the swaddle you just created is not at all tight.

8. Include a snack

Include a snack
Include a snack

Don’t forget to feed the baby at the right time. Timing is very important and plays a major role in the moods of the baby. Another thing which you can try while putting your baby to sleep in the crib is giving her a small snack; you are advised to give your baby almost 2 to 3 ounces of any milk formula or even breast milk. If your baby is up to six months old, then you can even mix a little bit of cereal in it, preferably 1 to 2 tablespoons.  You need to keep the quantity in control; otherwise, if the baby is fed more food than needed, it can cause discomfort.

9. Giving a bath

Often parents are not aware of the fact that a nice warm bath can help free the baby off discomfort. But if you feel that your baby gets irritated whenever you give him a bath, then it is advised that you should give your baby a bath at an early time in the day when your baby has woken up and not include it in the bedtime routine of your baby.

10. Read a book

Yes babies do not understand what you are saying and will surely not understand whatever is written in the book, but this is not about the book, it is about your soft voice which will help calm our baby. It is recommended to choose such a book which is for babies and try reading it in a very gentle way.


It is said that babies sleep almost 14 to 18 hours a day, but the real struggle is putting them to sleep in the crib, instead of in the arms. Research shows that spending 9 months in the womb of the mother makes the baby use to of sleeping in a comfortable and warm environment, so it’s important to find a crib which does the job and gives everyone else a chance to sleep tight. At first, no one knows how long do babies sleep in cribs and things are quite challenging, with the whole situation involving the crib, but you don’t have to give up just know, a little more time will work just fine, and your baby will eventually learn to sleep in the crib without making any fuss.